Current Tableau Contributors

Luke Stanke

Partner, Tessellation
Employee, Data Coach

Luke has been developing high-end, scalable data science and data visualization solutions for more than a dozen years and is a co-founder and Partner at Tessellation, a boutique analytics consultancy. He also co-leads Data Coach, a platform for professionals to learn top modern analytics at their own pace with the support of a dedicated professional trainer and mentor.

Luke has been a regular contributor to Workout Wednesday since 2018.  Luke has lead Workout Wednesday Live in more than a dozen locations.  He is also responsible for the creation of the website.

Lorna Brown

Data School Coach, The Information Lab UK

Lorna is a speeding tipping magician, who loves to give back to the community. She started her journey as part of the Information Labs Data School in 2015. She also co-leads the North West UK Tableau User Group in her spare time. The community is a big part of Lorna, and she wants to do all she can to give back. Lorna loves her cats and sports, especially Rugby League. Her secret power is LODs and her weakness is Table Calculations.  

Lorna has been a regular contributor to Workout Wednesday since 2019.

Sean Miller

Sr. Business Intelligence Developer, Cerner

Sean is a Sr. Business Intelligence Developer at Cerner and has been using Tableau since April 2015. He is also Tableau Social Media Ambassador and an enthusiastic member of the Tableau community. As a regular participant in #MakeoverMonday, #WorkoutWednesday and personal data projects there is always something new on his Tableau Public profile. His work has been selected as “Viz of the Week” and is featured in the book, “#MakeoverMonday: Improving How We Visualize and Analyze Data, One Chart at a Time”. Sean’s blog is where he shares his learning and his insight.

Kyle Yetter

Business Analytics Manager, Ancestry
Kyle is a Business Analytics Manager at Ancestry who aims to make decision making easier for the executives he works with by having the relevant data ready for them when they need it in a way that allows for actionable insight. He also works to help others in the organization improve their Tableau skills, including hosting a live Workout Wednesday session each week to share how he goes about solving the challenge and answer questions about how certain outcomes are achieved.

Erica Hughes

Tableau and Alteryx Consultant, The Information Lab
Erica is just a new kid in the world of data, having joined the Data School in June 2020. That being said, her favourite part of working with Tableau is falling down the rabbit whole to uncover how to solve problems. Beyond that, she loves being able to help others and share her understanding. Her most recent obsession led to the creation of two ‘Table Calculation Configuration Guide’ workbooks which are featured on her Tableau Public profile

Donna Coles

Senior Analytics Consultant, Biztory

Donna is a bit of a Tableau all-rounder. She is the acknowledged Tableau expert in her organisation, responsible for administering multiple Tableau Server environments and providing internal consultancy and best practice recommendations to colleagues in the business. She is a regular #WorkoutWednesday participant, using the challenges to really test her Desktop skills and also try out new features. She blogs her solution guides on her personal website. She also completes the #PreppinData challenges to up her understanding of Tableau Prep.

Previous Tableau Contributors

Ann Jackson

2018-2021 Alumni

Candra McRae

2021 Alumni

Meera Losani Umasankar

2020 Alumni

Ivett Kovács

2020 Alumni

Curtis Harris

2019 Alumni

Rody Zakovich

2018 Alumni

Andy Kriebel

Co-founder & 2017 Alumni

Emma Whyte

Co-founder & 2017 Alumni

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