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#WOW2024 | 18 | Sleep Survey Marimekko

Introduction Welcome to week 18 and this week’s challenge. This is a special challenge as it is the challenge that coincides with Tableau conference and #Data24!  This week your challenge is to analyze sleep survey data and build a marimekko chart in Tableau! Click to open in Tableau Public Requirements size: 1000×800  the x axis …

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#WOW2024 | 12 | Playing with Stacks

Introduction I’ve had clients requesting stacked bars in various formats lately, so this challenge is timely. Stacked bars are used as a way to show part-to-whole relationship while also showing totals. The weakness of stacked bars is similar to that of the dreaded pie chart. Too many segments become confusing when trending a stacked column, …

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#WOW2023 | 46 | Dynamic Indexed Bars and Measures

Introduction As you know, we’re in the middle of Diversity Month here at #WOW2023 and I’m excited to welcome Ervin Vinzon. Ervin hails from Philippines and is a Tableau User Group Ambassador. He is also an avid #WOW2023 participant. We are honored to have his challenge featured this week.  Hey there, I’m Ervin Vinzon, leading …

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#WOW2023 Week 34: Can you build a scatterbox?

Introduction I’m so excited to invite Felicia Styer to the blog for this week’s challenge! Felicia is the Associate Director of Analytic Solutions at Playfair Data and hales from Kansas City, MO. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn and here is her challenge! Long time fan, first time contributor! This week’s challenge is question …

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