2024 Week 27 | CRM Analytics: Quasi-Histogram


Hello again, everyone. One of the things that CRM Analytics misses in its variety of charts is a histogram. A histogram is a chart that displays the frequency (count) of rows within a range of numeric values. For example: you have opportunity records with several amounts (2500,3000,5000.8750.10000, etc). In a histogram, we’d create a range of values, count the number of records within that range/bin, and do the same for all bins. This is not available by default in CRMA because we cannot group our data by numeric values, and to create bins, we must manually insert each min-max value within the range… or not? In this challenge we’ll build an almost perfect histogram in CRMA.


  • Create a dev org or use an existing org you have access to
  • Connect to the Opportunity object to your data
  • Build a new blank dashboard
  • In the dashboard, create a histogram chart using the ‘Amount’ opportunity field
  • You can choose the range value of your opportunity amounts for your groupings
  • You MUST NOT use any case statement
  • You MUST NOT use any recipe calculation
  • You MUST accomplish this using a single query
  • Each bin/range of values should have the same size
  • You MUST label any breaks between your bin values with a “Break” word and the count of 0 (ex 2000-2999,3000-3999,4000-4999,Break,7000-7999)
  • If you want to play with your ranges, you can use an input widget to make them dynamic

The result should look something like this:



Add the dataset


After you finish your workout, share a screenshot of your solutions or interesting insights.

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Coming later…
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