2023 Week 11 | Du Bois Challenge


This week we align ourselves with the DuBois challenge, which aims at celebrating the work of W.E.B. Du Bois. You can learn more about him, his visualisations, the data behind them and the challenge here: https://github.com/ajstarks/dubois-data-portraits

Some of his charts are quite “out there” so I chose one that could be recreated in CRMA. I took the liberty to adjust some of the details slightly to make it work a little better with the tool and adjust it to modern times and modern media.

The overall look however stays very much the same as you’ll be able to see below.


CRMA recreation


The data for this challenge is here: https://data.world/genetis/wow-2023-10-du-bois-challenge

And if you are interested in any of his other work, you can find the data for it here: https://github.com/ajstarks/dubois-data-portraits/tree/master/challenge/2023


After you finish your workout, share a screenshot of your solutions or interesting insights on Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtags #WOW2023, #CRMA and #DubiosChallenge and t ag @genetis@PreenzJ@LaGMills, @JaackParry and @DuboisChallenge. (Or you can use this handy link to do that)

Also make sure to fill out the Submission Tracker to track your progress and help us judge the difficulty of our challenges.


Coming later…
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