2019 Week 5: Where are the biggest discounts?

I recently put together this chart for work. I spent more time making it amazing than I am willing to admit, this is mostly due to the amount of formatting I did. I thought I’d make a formatting challenge this week!


Click to view on Tableau Public


  • Format: 540px by 800px
  • Create a heat map of average discount by sub-category and region.
  • Labels for region should be below the heat map tiles.
  • Use Tableau Light, Size 7 for the tile labels.
  • Use Tableau Light, Size 8, Color #555555 for the column and row labels.
  • Sort sub-categories within each category by average discount.
  • Use Tableau Medium, Size 9, Color #898989 for the category header label.
  • Add bars above and to the right of the heat map indicating the average discount for sub-category and region.
  • The bars should be approximately 2px away from the heat map tiles.
  • Make sure the bar sizes are identical.
  • Add labels to the right of the bars for the bar chart to the right of the heat map.
  • Add labels above the bars to the bar chart above the heat map.
  • Use Tableau Light, Size 9, Color #555555 for the bar labels.
  • Set the color range for all objects to be between 0% and 50%.
  • Create a custom sequential color palette. Use #4A4E68.
  • Add just a tiny amount of white space between each heat map tile (~1px).
  • Add a divider between categories for the entire visualization set. Use #D4D4D4.
  • Add padding of 80px to the left of the visualizations and 50px to the right.
  • Dataset

    This week uses the superstore dataset for Tableau 2018.3.  You can get it here at data.world


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    Track your progress

    Also, don’t forget to track your progress using this Workout Wednesday form.


    When you publish your solution on Tableau Public make sure to take the time and include a link to the original inspiration.

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