The Thanksgiving NFL Games History


Happy Turkey day! This week is Thanksgiving in US and for many, it means honoring the long-standing tradition of watching two (2) NFL games during the day. Since 1970, the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions have hosted an opponent on the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day.

So what better way to celebrate than a nice easy dashboard looking into the history of all those games. 


  • Dashboard Size: Generic Desktop
  • # of Sheets – 1
  • Create a lollipop chart showing the Wins – Losses for each team and year. 
    • Mind the Axis Labels! 
    • The color of the dot is the score difference between the home team and visiting team
  • Create an area chart showing the cumulative win differential over time.
  • For each home team show:
    • The total games played
    • All-time Record (W-L-T)
    • Win % (Wins / Total Games)
  • Match formatting
  • Match tooltips



You can get it here at


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