2024 Week 6 | Sigma: Can you keep a secret with Row Level Security?


This week’s challenge features *secret messages*! It’s not a flashy visual, but it showcases two important features of Sigma that any developer *must* know: Input Tables and Row Level Security.

Input Tables allow Sigma users to interact with the data warehouse directly by manipulating tables at the cell-level in Sigma. These input tables can be written back to a Snowflake database and used just like any other Snowflake table.

Row Level Security is a concept in data warehousing and business intelligence tools, which allows you to show data to users depending on an attribute of that user. For example, users should only be able to see information if their full name matches a ‘Full Name’ column.

Let’s dig in!

Need access to Sigma?

Note: You will only have view access to WOW Workbooks, Folders, and Workspaces, not edit access. Please create your WOW Workbooks under “My Documents.” We suggest creating a folder to organize all your workbooks.¬†

Screenshot of some text that displays a secret message

If you are not a part of the mod team, you'll see a different message when you view this workbook!


  1. Create an input table and add the following columns
    • Team Name
    • ¬†Secret
  2. In the Team Name column, add ‘WoW Moderators’ and ‘Guest Users’ on separate rows (Capitalization matters!)
  3. In the Secret column, write your secret messages to the members of those teams. Bonus points if they are in the form of a couplet.
  4. Create two new ‘calculation’ columns
    • Show – Should show True if the user is a part of the team in Team Name, and False otherwise
    • Secret Protected – Should display text if Show is True, and be null otherwise
    • This link may be helpful to figure out the ‘Show’ formula
  5. Optional – you may choose to hide the Team Name and Secret columns
  6. In another tab, create a new text block to display your secret message. You’ll use dynamic text and a lookup function to achieve this.


None for this challenge!


After you finish your workout, share on LinkedIn (or Twitter) using the hashtags #WOW2024 and #SigmaComputing, and tag Adrian Segura, Ashley Bennett, Eric Heidbreder, and Katrina Menne!

Also, make sure to fill out the Submission Tracker so that we can count you as a participant this week to track our participation throughout the year.


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