#WOW2024 | Week 7 | Can you include and exclude options with a custom control?


This week’s challenge is inspired by  something I’d seen at work, and I thought it would be quite fun to see if I could reproduce in Tableau and if so, share as a challenge 🙂 I could, so here it is… can you include & exclude options with a custom control?


  • Dashboard 1000 x 450
  • Number of sheets is up to you, but I used 3
  • Only include information related to the top 5 States with the largest overall Sales
  • Create a bar chart of Sales by State sorted descending
  • Create a line chart of cumulative monthly sales by State
  • Provide a custom control ‘button’ that excludes/includes the selected State in the line chart when clicked, and changes the display of the bar associated to the State.
  • Match formatting and tooltips


This challenge uses 2023 Superstore data, accessible here if required.


When you publish your solution on Tableau Public make sure to take the time and include a link to the original inspiration.  Also include the hashtag #WOW2024 in your description to make it searchable!


After you finish your workout, share on Twitter and/or LinkedIn using the hashtag #WOW2024 #Tableau and tag @WorkoutWednsday



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