2023 Week 45 | Pareto Charts


You probably have heard of the Pareto Principle before. And if not under that name, you might have heard of the 80:20 rule which states that for many use cases, 20% of the input create 80% of the output. For example, for many projects 20% of the work is required to get you 80% to the target but then you spend a ton of time on those small changes and adjustments to deliver it successfully. In most companies, about 20% of their largest customers make up 80% of their revenue, etc.

You shouldn’t take it as a rule but once you pay attention, you can see approximations in many places.

Anyway, today we create a chart that tells us how much the largest x% of our customers contribute to our business. 


  • All calculations will be done in SAQL, no recipe is needed
  • Chart
    • the blue area is the customers ordered by total sales (largest to smallest)
    • The red line is the cumulative percentage that those customers contribute to the total sales
    • The grey line indicates the percentage of total customers
    • Match the tooltip to give more accurate information
    • Match all formatting for headlines, axis, labels, etc.

I was inspired by this post from Phillip Schrijnemaekers: https://www.salesforceblogger.com/2023/02/27/pareto-charts-in-crm-analytics/
It will help you with the largest part of this challenge!


We re-use the dataset from 2023 Week 05 | Dynamic Moving Average for this challenge, you can download it here: https://data.world/jackparry/wow-2023-w5-superstore/workspace/file?filename=Superstore+2022.4.csv


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Coming later…
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