Introducing Sigma Computing to Workout Wednesday

The wait is over! Sigma Computing is now part of Workout Wednesday. The Sigma WOW Team is excited to help you learn a platform we love. 

We’ll present you with a unique WOW challenge each week to enhance your skills and ignite your passion for data. These challenges range from beginner-friendly tasks to more advanced scenarios, ensuring something for everyone, regardless of where you are in your Sigma journey.

Our challenges are crafted to be practical, engaging, and, most importantly, fun. You’ll get to explore various features of the Sigma platform, uncover new ways to visualize your data and gain tips and tricks to help you go beyond the basics. Whether you’re trying to break into data, are a business intelligence enthusiast, or are a data visualization powerhouse, these challenges are tailored to help you grow and succeed.

Are you brand new to Sigma? No worries at all! This blog is here to get you started.

What is Sigma Computing?

Sigma is a cloud-based data exploration platform with a spreadsheet-like interface. Founded in 2017, the team set out to address a gap they saw in the market: “What if you could create SQL from a spreadsheet?”. Today, Sigma’s platform includes data modeling, input, visualization, and investigation

To learn more about Sigma, check out: 

How to get started with Sigma WOW

These WOW challenges can be completed on your existing Sigma instance, or you can join the Sigma WOW-specific instance. To join:

  1. Sign up to join: Sigma WOW Instance Sign-Up
  2. You’ll receive an email invite, then set up your account on
  3. View the challenges in the WOW Workspaces
  4. Re-create and save your challenges in your documents
  5. Share your solution on LinkedIn (or Twitter)
  6. Fill out the Submission Tracker

Note: You will only have view access to WOW Workbooks, Folders, and Workspaces, not edit access. Please create your WOW Workbooks under “My Documents.” We suggest creating a folder to organize all your workbooks. 

Sigma WOW Team Members

Adrian Segura

Adrian is a Data Solutions Lead at Brooklyn Data Co. When not helping clients solve their data problems, you can find him preparing for the upcoming Chicago Marathon.

Favorite Sigma Feature: Copy + Paste Formatting

Ashley Bennett

Ashley is a Senior Analytics Engineer at Data Clymer, where she is the resident Sigma expert.  She loves helping stakeholders make better decisions using data.

Favorite Sigma Feature: KPI Charts

Eric Heidbreder

Eric is a Chicago-based data analytics consultant with Analytics8. He loves learning about new features in tools that help scale up analytics solutions and sharing them out with his clients, colleagues, and sometimes friends (who may or may not find it interesting). Outside of work, Eric can be found snowboarding, playing bassoon, or writing songs.

Favorite Sigma Feature:  Input Tables

Katrina Menne

Katrina, a senior consultant and Sigma Lead at phData began her data career by first mastering Excel and VBA. She then moved into roles involving SQL, Tableau, Alteryx, and now Sigma. At phData, Katrina helps translate complex technical problems into accessible solutions. She actively shares her expertise by leading the Sigma User Meetup, blogging, and co-authoring an analytics course.

Outside of her professional life, she enjoys time with her family and three dogs, running, and weightlifting. She is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Favorite Sigma Feature: Data Lineage View

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