Meet the new CRMA contributors!

The first year of the CRMA #WorkoutWednesday challenges is over and we had a little bit of a shuffle in contributors.

Huge thanks to Jack Parry for his contributions; between work and family, he couldn’t dedicate as much time as he wanted.

For the new year we have two new contributors and if you have worked with CRMA for a while, you likely recognise their names. (also, I used two of their blog posts as inspiration for challenges last year!)

First up is Sayantani Mitra, she is a data scientist based in the US who works with CRMA for about 6 years. She has been a CRMA Champion and a CRMA Ambassador since the programme first launched in 2019. You may have come across some of her technical blogposts on CRMA. You can follow her on LinkedIn and check out her blog if you haven’t yet:

Next up is Phillip Schrijnemaekers, who is a CRMA Consultant and certified Application Architect based in Brazil. He is a CRMA Ambassador with about years of experience on the tool. Based on the work that I have seen of him, we are in for some really interesting challenges this year! You can follow him on LinkedIn here.

Apart from that, there are still Preena Johansen, Lauren Mills and myself on the team. We have a few idea for this year, so stay tuned and let your friends and colleagues know that the CRMA #WorkoutWednesdays will continue this year!

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