Week 26: Single Sheet Drilldown

It seems lately I have been giving the easy challenges, so I wanted to spice it up with something harder. This week we are going to deal with a new challenge that requires some thinking on Dashboard Actions and Data Modelling. The goal of this challenge is to open up how we think about Tableau from the Data layer, and how we can structure data and actions to create new functionality.



  • THIS IS A SINGLE SHEET. This is not using the 3 sheets in a container technique
  • The first Level is Year, the Second Month and the Third is Day
    • You drill into whatever you click. If you click on 2015 at the Year Level, you will see all 12 months for 2015
    • Users can control->drag to select multiple years/months and Tableau will drill down with all selected.
  • When a user clicks on a Day at the Third Level, the viz resets back to all Years
  • The Sub Header will let the user know the date range in the viz.
  • If you have no idea where to start, or where to go, see spoilers below.


This week uses the superstore dataset for Tableau 2018.1.  You can get it here at data.world


After you finish your workout, share on Twitter using the hashtag #WorkoutWednesday and tag @AnnUJackson@LukeStanke, and @RodyZakovich.  (Tag @VizWizBI too – he would REALLY love to see your work!)

Track your progress

Also, don’t forget to track your progress using this Workout Wednesday form.


  • If you want to try this, but not sure where to start, check out this post by Joshua Milligan
  • If you just want to know how I did this, check out my at the EMEA Tableau Fringe Fest on the Fringe Fest YouTube Channel

2 thoughts on “Week 26: Single Sheet Drilldown”

  1. Hello! This is exactly the kind of visualization I am hoping to build for my work. I am trying to find some more guidance on how you did it but when I type “EMEA Tableau Fringe Fest” into youtube I get many unrelated videos, can’t seem to find how to get to this tutorial. Really awesome stuff thank you for sharing!

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