Workout Wednesday: 2018 Week 2 Year to Fiscal Date Running Totals

Kicking off Workout Wednesday, I wanted to challenge the community with one of my favorite Tableau Features, Dates.

This week will be looking at Fiscal Years and Running Sums. To make things easy, I am using the Superstore Dataset for this challenge.


  • Fiscal Year start can be configured via a Parameter
  • X Labels should match the Fiscal Year Start
  • X Axis must be Continuous
  •  Should be 1 color per fiscal year
  • Tooltips should match mine

If you have a different version of Superstore, no worries, simply use the version you have and try to match the functionality in the chart.

If you want to use the same version of Superstore as me, you can get it here at Data.World

Thank for participating!


9 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: 2018 Week 2 Year to Fiscal Date Running Totals”

    1. Hi.. I am not able to download your file as I am using latest version of Tableau Public. Can you help me with this?

      1. This tricks tableau into displaying the dates in the same year on the x-axis, while still letting you differentiate them by their true ‘year’ using their detail on the marks card and colours.

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