#WorkoutWednesday 2018 – Week 5

This week Andy is back with a challenge and it’s very straightforward. You need to create two quarters starting with the month selected and show months for everything else.


  • No Level-of-Detail calculations.
  • No table calculations.
  • The Q2 value must always appear after Q1.

There are no spoilers this week.

This week utilizes the Superstore dataset. You can get it here at Data.World

As you complete this example, feel free to share on Twitter using the #WorkoutWednesday hashtag. Don’t forget to tag @VizWizBI, @RodyZakovich, and @LukeStanke. We really want to see your work.

Also, if you want your efforts throughout 2018 tracked, feel free to fill out this Google Form.

Good luck!

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