Week 46: America’s Aging Population

It’s been way too long since I’ve given you all a challenge. I’ve really enjoyed learning set actions the past two weeks, but if you know anything about me, you know I love table calcs. So guess what? I’m back with a table calcs challenge for you; I know deep down you’ve missed them.

In this week’s Workout Wednesday, you have to rebuild this chart I made for Makeover Monday week 45.

click to view on Tableau Public

Click here to see the original on my blog. NOTE: I disabled download on the workbook on Tableau Public to force you to think through the solution. Yes, I know it’s mean, but you’ll learn more this way.


  • You may ONLY use table calcs. NO LODs.
  • Dashboard size: 800 x 700
  • You may only use one sheet.
  • Match the title, column headers and row headers.
  • You need to show the sex across the view and origin down the view. Make sure your sort order matches.
  • Each line represents the percentage of the total population for that age group for that year.
  • Each line must have a dot on the end.
  • The labels must be on the outside ends of the lines. The labels should be displayed as percentages to one decimal place. These are Tableau Medium 8pt. They must match the color of their respective lines.
  • Make sure the labels have enough space to display. You MAY NOT manually fix the axis.
  • I should only see 2016 and 2060 on the axis. There needs to be light grey gridlines for each of those two years.
  • For each section where the older generation (65+) crosses the younger generation (Under 18), you need display a black dot on the year that 65+ overtook Under 18.
  • You must display a dashed line with the year on the bottom right of the line for those lines that cross. The line needs to be at the same year as the black dot.
  • Match the tooltips (they show the year, the total population for each gender, and the percentage of the population for each gender.
  • The orange color is #E85839 (for 65+). The blue color is #3B6A9C (for Under 18).
  • Only show horizontal divider lines; no vertical divider lines.


Data from this week comes from Makeover Monday week 45 on data.world. Download here if needed.


After you finish your workout, share on Twitter using the hashtag #WorkoutWednesday2018 and tag @VizWizBI, @AnnUJackson, @LukeStanke, @RodyZakovich, @lorna_eden, and @curtisharris_.


Also, don’t forget to track your progress using this Workout Wednesday form.


  • You will need a dual-axis chart, both of which are table calcs.
  • All four data points in the tooltip require table calcs.
  • The dashed vertical line requires a table calcs.
  • Create calculations to offset the years to give the ends of the lines enough space to display the labels properly.

2 thoughts on “Week 46: America’s Aging Population”

  1. Hi Andy,

    This viz is really pertinent and provides a lot of insights really quickly !
    And it looks so simple, but actually… I found quite complex in the back end 😉

    I tried to duplicate it, but I am facing some challenges.
    Would it be ok for you to share Tableau Workbookas the option is not enabled on your chart ?
    I will definetly appreciate as it’s really helpful to learn from great example like yours.



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