Week 45: Cross-Highlight

Continuing in line with Ann, I thought it would be great to do another challenge around Set Actions. I’ve used “Cross-Highlighting” in Tableau before, but it required a lot of Data Modelling, and was extremely slow on the Public Servers. But with Set Actions, what use to be a very complicated task, can now be down very quickly. There are a lot of great analytical powers with Set Actions, but there are some nice UX ones as well.



  • Dashboard size: 520 x 560; 1 sheet
  • Create 2 Parameters
    • Y Axis: Category and Sub-Category
    • X Axis: Region and Segment
  • Create a Crosstab that shows Sales based on the Parameter Selection
  • ***On Hover*** highlight all values in the same Y/X column as the mark being hovered over.

FYI: Set Actions aren’t quite working on Tableau Public, so I encourage you to download the workbook and view in 2018.3 to explore the full interactivity!

Data from this week comes from the Saved Data Source in Tableau 2018 (Sample – Superstore), download here if needed.

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