2019 Week 7: What gifts do people plan on spending money on?

Valentine’s Day is officially tomorrow.

This data set looks at percentage of people buying a particular gift. This week I wanted to focus in on building a few things; using the button functionality, sheet swapping and finally a radar chart (because why not). Many Many people have been waiting for the button functionality and I haven’t had a use case to use them since they came out, and because I can’t use them at work due to being a couple of versions behind. Sheet swapping is a great little trick that I use regularly, it allows you to see the same data in different ways and finally I recently built a radar chart as a personal profile for a business dashboard with 20 segments, but the same calculations apply.


  • 2 Dashboards (800×800), 6 sheets.
  • 1st Dashboard
    • I want to see Tableau’s Love Heart Radar Chart. With a parameter to change the text at the bottom
    • This contains the first button to the next dashboard
    • Button image can be found in Your Tableau Repository, Shapes, Arrows
  • 2nd Dashboard
    • A parameter to enable users to change between Radar and Line Chart
    • A custom made legend only showing when Radar is selected
    • Each POLYGON is a Year, and each point is an Item
  • Match Colours, Fonts and Formatting.


This week uses 2019 Valentine’s Day Survey from NRF .  You can get it here at data.world. Here is the original article


When you publish your solution on Tableau Public make sure to take the time and include a link to the original inspiration.


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Use this blog post for advice on building Radar Charts

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