2024 Week 15 | Sigma: Can you identify the top, average, and bottom profitable customers? 


This week, we’re building a staple in my bar chart library: Top, Bottom, and Other Values. I often use this bar chart to easily show the breadth of the outliers while not losing sight of the typical. This challenge is also a great example of the flexibility of modeling at different levels of granularity within tables and visual elements!

Have fun! 


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  • Add a data table element from the Plugs Electronic
    • Sigma Sample Database > Retail > Plugs Electronic > PLUGS_ELECTRONICS_HANDS_ON_LAB_DATA
  • Create a calculation for the Average Profit Per Order for each Customer Name
    • Note: You can use the Profit Metric or a Profit Calculation of Sum(([PRICE] – [COST]) * [QUANTITY])
  • Create a Bar Chart that shows: 
    • Who are the top five and bottom five customers, and what is their Average Profit Per Order
    • And the Average Profit Per Order for all other customers not in the top or bottom five
  • Apply a Store Region and Store State filter
    • Note: The customers and values change when filters are applied
  • Formatting:
    • Match the Title and Sub-title
    • Color the Top, Other, and Bottom Customers 
      • You can use any colors you’d like
      • I used Top: A0CBE8, Other: B4B4B4, Bottom: FF9D99
    • Remove tick marks and grid lines
    • Remove X-Axis label
    • Label all of the middle of the bar with the Average Profit Value in whole dollars
    • Bar Gaps: Medium
    • Remove Legend
  • Optional: Make the number of customers variable 
  • Hide the Data Tab
  • Match the visible tab with elements and title


Sigma Sample Database > Retail > Plugs Electronic > PLUGS_ELECTRONICS_HANDS_ON_LAB_DATA


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