Introducing CRM Analytics

Yes it’s true, there is a new kid on the block! From January 2023 on, we will provide weekly CRMA challenges to help you flex your analytics muscles in Salesforce’s native analytics tool. If you thought about getting started learning all things recipes, SAQL and bindings, you are at the right place.

If you have never used CRMA, don’t worry! We will cover all the basics in the first few weeks to get familiar with the tool and learn the basics. From then we will ramp up and provide a mixture of challenges for beginners and advanced users to explore new or hidden features and make CRMA do things you didn’t think were possible!

The WoW CRMA team, Jack Parry (New York, US), Lauren Mills (Houston, US)Preena Johansen (Brisbane, AU) and Alex Waleczek (Auckland, NZ), is working on the first set of challenges to be ready for the launch next year. In the meantime, you can prepare a few things to get ready as well:

  1. Create yourself a free, CRMA enabled Dev-Org:
  2. If you have never used CRMA, check out the quick-look guide on Trailhead:
  3. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with challenges
  4. Set yourself a reminder for the 4th of January to come back and start with our first challenge

Until then, have a great Christmas break and a Happy New Year!

The WoW CRMA team

3 thoughts on “Introducing CRM Analytics”

  1. Thanks for starting the weekly CRMA challenge!

    I was wondering if it maybe possible to share a calendar invite with the zoom/teams meeting link so we can add directly add it to the calendar?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. At the moment we will not have a meeting component to it. Rather we’ll post the challenge on a Wednesday so you can work on it in your own time and find a solution.

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