#PowerBI #WOW2021 Year in Review

What a first year

It’s crazy to think that we’re already done with the inagural year of the Power BI edition of #WorkoutWednesday. We had a great turnout for this year, so we are excited to see where next year takes us. Overall, we had 1,654 participation tracker forms submitted (as of 12/20)! We also heard stories of workplaces using our challenges as internal training challenges, so all our impact may not be quanitifed in that tracker, but still a great number of submissions. 

We want to give some shoutouts to a few participants who made their mark on the #PowerBI challenges this year. Rob Saunders completed EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE this year, thank you so much for your participation! Absolutely incredible. Mathias Chaparro has a close to perfect record having completed 47 of the challenges. Zac Phan (46) and Heather Lawrence-Kincaid (43) round out the group that completed 40+ challenges this year.

New People!

With the new year upcoming, there will be a couple of changes to the #WorkoutWednesday Power BI team. Unfortunately, Dave Eldersveld will be stepping away from the team. Dave, thanks so much for being part of the founding team to help get things off of the ground! Your presence will be missed. 

Although we are sad that Dave will not be with us in 2022, we are very excited to announce a couple of new team members. Drum roll please……….we are excited to announce that Kerry Kolosko and Rob Saunders will be joining the team! We are very excited for them to bring their passion and expertise to the team in the upcoming year. Thank you to everyone else who applied to be a part of the team, we really do appreciate your interest. 

New Year

Other than some of the team members, not much will be changing in the new year. Our focus will remain bringing you all challenges that help you learn Power BI, sharpen your skills, and find out about new and exciting ways you can use Power BI. You will still be able to access the data via Data.World, and the submission tracker will be updated so you can start tracking your 2022 submissions. Please make sure to fill this out when you complete a challenge as it really helps us understand who is engaged so that we can better serve the community. Lastly, remember that the hashtag used on Twitter will be #WOW2022. Looking forward to your participation in the New Year!

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