Week 19: Dashboard Presentation

I’m back! This week we are going to be doing something simple, but has really great benefits. Often, when we share Tableau Public visualizations online and use “showVizHome=no” in the url, we get a viz that is in the Top Left Corner of our monitor. It doesn’t really look right being over there, we would expect the dashboard to be in the middle of our screen. And, if our dashboard has a background color, only the dashboard has it, not the rest of the screen. So the presentation of the dashboard, when shared, doesn’t look as good.

What we want to do is create a Dashboard that, when shared, will always be centered aligned on our user’s computer, and have the background color cover the screen. This gives it a uniformed look, and makes it feel like a stand-alone web application.

Click the image above to see example.


  • When using “showVizHome=no” in the URL, the dashboard should cover the entire screen.
  • The actual dashboard with charts should be 750px tall, and 600px wide
  • The two bar charts are 400px tall, and the map is 300px tall
  • Important: The size of the charts should not change as the monitor size changes


To test if you have the correct functionality, resize your browser window. The dashboard should adjust, with your primary visualizations in the center of the screen, and the dashboard taking up the full screen. You shouldn’t need to refresh the browser when you resize, but if nothing happens when resize, try refreshing the page.

If completed correctly, this dashboard should look good on Desktop, as well as, Mobile.


This week uses the superstore dataset.  You can get it here at data.world


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