2019 Week 52: Can you visualize ones and zeros?

I feel completely honored to have spent a year working with Ann, Lorna, and Luke on this amazing project. I truly believe that Workout Wednesday is simply one of the best ways to skill up in Tableau, and if you regularly participate, you’ll quickly find yourself surpassing others in your profession and setting yourself apart in future career opportunities. This project is here to get you there. We run this project for all of you and only you. If Workout Wednesday has made even the smallest impact on your career, we’ve achieved what we set out to achieve year after year, and if we have made a positive impact let us know (we love to hear your stories)!

 Finally, thank you all for participating week after week, and keeping me connected to the Tableau Community. I’ve loved having the opportunity to meet many of you in person, and look forward to hearing more about your progression in your careers and in the community. This will be my last workout ever, so I thought it was only appropriate to make the challenge all about me! Participation in the Tableau Community was my primary hobby for many years, and has changed my life in so many ways, but as I’m sure you may have noticed.. my focus has shifted over the last couple of years.

 For a time, I was letting Tableau consume my free time to a point where it stopped being fun, and since that time I’ve been focusing on my family and personal well being. One of my primary hobbies has been a renewed interest in team sports, basketball in particular. Recently I decided to see if I could effectively improve a single statistic in my basketball game: my free throw percentage. I set a goal of 70% accuracy, and tracked my accuracy on 70 shots, 10 different times. Your challenge this week is to visualize this data! I wanted to know a handful of data points when I decided to track this data:

  • What is my overall free throw percentage after 700 shots?
  • Did I improve from round one to round ten?
  • Did I steadily improve round over round?
  • Across all rounds, did I stay fairly consistent, or did streaks of makes and misses significantly alter my percentage?
  • What was the highest number of shots in a row made/missed each round?

The Challenge

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  • Dashboard size 1400 x 800
  • Show overall free throw percentage out of 700 shots
  • Create a line chart that displays round by round free throw percentage, making sure to highlight the rounds that ended >=70%
  • Create a line chart that displays round by round running total free throw percentage, making sure to highlight where I ended each round with a running percentage >=70% (Hint: this didn’t ever happen!)
  • Create a line chart that shows the running percentage for each round
    • Add a reference line at 70%
    • When hovering over a mark, make sure labels are displayed for the equivalent mark in each of the other rounds. In other words.. if you highlight shot number 20 in round 3, shot number 20 in all rounds should light up and display its respective label
  • Create bar charts that display the longest make streak and the longest miss streak for each round
  • Match tooltips exactly
  • Match formatting as closely as possible


After you finish your workout, share on Twitter using the hashtag #WorkoutWednesday2019 and tag @AnnUJackson@LukeStanke@lorna_eden, and @curtisharris_!

Track Your Progress

Also, don’t forget to track your progress using this Workout Wednesday form.

Track Your Progress

When you publish your solution on Tableau Public make sure to take the time and include a link to the original inspiration.

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