2023 Week 19 | Power BI: Formatted bar chart and bookmark navigator


Welcome back to Workout Wednesday! We’re taking inspiration once again from our friends at Makeover Monday. This one is fun – the Makeover Monday team was inspired by a bar chart featured in a blog post and they decided to recreate it in Tableau! You can read Andy’s full post on his blog if you want more info. 

Today we’re building a bar chart with some conditional formatting and basic filtering. Simple but effective!


Get and transform data
  1. Get data from Data.World using the Data.World connector
  2. In Power Query:
    • rename columns to readable names
    • double check data types
    • change the true/false columns to yes/no
    • remove columns you don’t need
Create calcs and visuals
  1. Create a bar chart with protein source and cost per 20g 
  2. Create a measure for your conditional formatting. Hint: you’ll need to use CALCULATE with ALL.
  3. For the slicers, create:
    •  Bookmark navigator to change the sort order. Hint: create 2 bookmarks first.
    • Chiclet slicers for vegetarian and vegan proteins
  4. Ensure that all visuals meet the minimum standards of having alt text, that the tab order in your report makes sense, and that your color choices meet the minimum standards.


This week’s data comes to us courtesy of the Makeover Monday crew. It can be accessed directly on Data.World.


After you finish your workout, share on Twitter using the hashtags #WOW2023 and #PowerBI, and tag @MMarie, @shan_gsd, @KerryKolosko. Also make sure to fill out the Submission Tracker so that we can count you as a participant this week in order to track our participation throughout the year.


Solution File available for download via Data Stories Gallery

10 thoughts on “2023 Week 19 | Power BI: Formatted bar chart and bookmark navigator”

  1. Hi,
    I am new to Power bi. I am working on workout Wednesday project. When i implementing, I need to use chiclet slicer for protein cost project. When i am trying to download the chiclet visual, it asks for organization id. So i can not download as i don’t have organization id. Please help me how to download chicklet slicer without organization id.

    Thank you

    1. Shannon Lindsay

      Hi Purna,

      You can create your own organization entirely for free to help you learn Power BI! There’s a program called the M365 Developer Program – I wrote up some detailed instructions that you can find on my blog. Alternatively, you can use a regular slicer visual, but you’ll have fewer formatting options.

      I hope this helps! – Shannon

      1. Hello Shannon, Thanks for your reply. I used regular slicer visual for now. Project came well. The information you provided is very useful. I will try as you suggested. I have seen the video too. In that video , they asked for company name. But i am a student. How can i fill that? Thanks in advance..

        1. Shannon Lindsay

          Hi Purna – glad you were able to make it work! When you go to create your account at signup.live.com, you’ll select get a new email address. Then, when you go to join the M365 Developer Program, you create a fake company – you can call that whatever you want! I hope this helps!

  2. Hi Shannon,

    we try to solve the challenge and learn things. thank you. But sometimes we miss things and need video-like explanations.
    please if possible add the video tutorial also for the solution section.

    1. Shannon Lindsay

      Hi Sam – thanks for your really nice message. I will try to get to the video as soon as I can, hopefully within the next 2 weeks. I’ll reply to your comment so that you’re notified when it’s up.

    1. Shannon Lindsay

      Hi Nagendranath – you can add the average line in the formatting pane. Select the bar chart, go to the visualization pane on the right, navigate to Analytics -> Average Line -> Add. I hope this helps!

  3. Hi Shannon, I am new to PowerBI. I have learnt the basics of this and came to know about this challenge. It will be very helpful to clear the basics if you provide the solution video for this challenge. You’re doing great job by helping us. Thankyou!

  4. Hi Shannon,
    I have been working on this task, but I can’t figure out how to create the vusual where you sort from least or most expensive. I have downloaded the solution, but when I click on it, it just shows the format tab, not aything about the visualisation?
    Is there a video for how to create this please?

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