2023 Week 25 | Power BI: Bubble Chart Variants with Charticulator


This week we are continuing our viz efforts inspired by the 1 dataset 100 visualizations project, presented by the Data Viz Project. Last week, Meagan challenged us to create as many visuals as possible using the Deneb custom visual available in Power BI AppSource. The week before, Shannon challenged us to make as many visuals as possible using Core Visuals.

This week’s challenge is to create visuals using the Charticulator custom visual. I have chosen 3 visuals that can’t be created using core visuals. 


  • Enter the source data in Power Query. The sample dataset from the Data Viz Project team contains data on UNESCO World Heritage sites for 3 countries, for 2 years.A table labeled World Heritage Sites containing 3 countries and 2 years.
  • In Power Query, unpivot the year columns and rename the resulting columns to Year and Country.
  • Transform Data in Power Query to have a single record on each row to create a tally.
    (E.g. where Norway has value 4, create four rows of value 1)

HINT: Unpivot data, use Table.Repeat function
Ensure there is an index column. 

Graph 1

  • Import Charticulator
  • Add Country, Year Value and Index fields to the visual field well
  • Ensure Year is set to categorical
  • Place country on Y axis, Year on X axis
  • Place circle symbol at centre of Glyph Canvas
  • Use packing to create a swarm plot (change from stack to pack on plot segment options)
  • Colour glyphs by Country

Graph 2

  • Copy the first graph
  • Remove Y axis
  • Remove the Index Column
  • Size the symbols by count of rows
  • Increase the range of symbol size
  • Place text label at centre of glyph

Graph 3

  • Copy Graph 2
  • Place Year on Y axis, Country on X
  • Move the text label to bottom of glyph
  • Add the UESCO World Heritage Icon
  • Size the icon by count of rows


This week’s data comes to us courtesy of the Data Viz Project, who retrieved the data from the UNESCO website. It can be accessed directly on the 1 dataset 100 visualizations site.


After you finish your workout, share on Twitter using the hashtags #WOW2023 and #PowerBI, and tag @MMarie, @shan_gsd, @KerryKolosko. Also make sure to fill out the Submission Tracker so that we can count you as a participant this week in order to track our participation throughout the year.


Solution File available for download via Data Stories Gallery.

Coming soon!

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    1. Hi Shreyansh – you can use the enter data feature in Power BI to type in the data that you see in the image that’s shown in the requirements. The data is for 3 countries and 2 years only.

  1. Hi May I know How the world heritage icon shown above be filled with color based on country.

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