2023 Week 05 | Power BI: Visualize the Oscars with an Isotype/Pictogram Chart


Hello and welcome back to Workout Wednesday! If you’re joining us for the first time, be sure to check out our complete list of challenges.

This week we’re looking at data from the American Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. The Oscars are awards for artistic and technical merit for the American film industry and are considered by some to be the most prestigious awards in the US entertainment industry.

This week you’ll use the Infographic Designer custom visual to create an isotype chart. For those of you that completed Meagan’s 2021 challenge this might look familiar 😉 You’ll also add a little custom formatting, some bookmarks and buttons, and a custom (report page) tooltip!


Get and Transform Data
  • Get data from a csv
  • Keep only the rows and columns that you need
Prepare Data and Get Images
  • Create two measures.
    • 1) Nominations by film
    • 2) Selected category (this will be used to display which category users have selected from the slicer)
  • Get any background images you may want/need.
Create Report Visuals
  • Use the Infographic Designer custom visual to create a bar chart. Then use an image of your choice to turn it into an Isotype.
  • Add a slicer and style it to match the report.
  • Add either a text box or a shape to add text that informs users which categories they have selected. I used a shape because it has more formatting options.
  • Use buttons to create the appearance of the slicer, and use bookmarks to make the slicer appear and disappear.
    • be sure to de-select Data in the bookmark options.
  •  Check your tab order and add alt text to ensure your report is accessible.
Share Your Work
  • Your visuals do not have to match the challenge exactly! Get creative and share your work with us on social media.


The dataset this week can be viewed on Kaggle or downloaded directly (as a csv).


After you finish your workout, share on Twitter using the hashtags #WOW2023 and #PowerBI, and tag @JSBaucke@MMarie, @shan_gsd, and @KerryKolosko. Also make sure to fill out the Submission Tracker so that we can count you as a participant this week in order to track our participation throughout the year.


7 thoughts on “2023 Week 05 | Power BI: Visualize the Oscars with an Isotype/Pictogram Chart”

    1. Hi Rithi – the solution video is posted 🙂 Please try expanding the + sign next to the “Watch” menu item. Let us know if you’re still experiencing difficulties!

    1. Hi David – you can publish your report to the web in the Power BI service (online), using the publish to web feature. This will give you an embed link, and you could indeed embed in a site like Medium.

      This requires that you have signed up for Power BI (even the free tier). You publish the report to a workspace in the Power BI service and then use Publish to Web. I hope this helps!

    1. Hi Oluwadamisi! I would recommend sharing your work on any platforms you use to network and interact with other professionals. The Workout Wednesday team regularly posts on LinkedIn – here are some examples (using the hashtag #WoW2023). You can post the report link, a screenshot, or even a photo!

      You could also keep your .pbix files locally and use them as samples in interviews! And/or, you could publish the files to the web and then create a little online portfolio using Power BI. Check out the week 8 challenge to see an example of how you could do that.

      I hope this helps!

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