#WOW2022 Year End

2022 has gone so quick, like every other year prior, but the years do seem to be getting quicker. I just wanted to write a quick blog on achievements this year!

As with every year we will have published 104 Workout Wednesdays between Tableau & PowerBI, I am extremely grateful for all of our contributors and for everyone who takes part, whether that’s the odd one here and there, or consistently every week! We all appreciate the hard work you put in to solving these challenges!

This year the Tableau Team had Erica & Kyle join us to help with the challenges, we were lucky to have them as they have both brought different challenges and techniques to you all. Also really proud of them both becoming Tableau Ambassadors this year!

#WOW2023 will be my 5th year as a Co leader, I love seeing the community engage with the challenges! Luke is on year 6 & Sean is on year 4! Kyle and Erica are also continuing onto there 2nd year. But we do welcome a new member to the Tableau team for 2023, the one and only Donna Coles. I am SO freaking happy that Donna finally said yes when I asked her! She has been an awesome advocate of WOW over the past 7 years and I can wait to see the challenges she is going to bring!

From a PowerBI perspective, Spencer, Meagan & Shannon will be staying on for their 3rd year. Kerry will be continuing for her 2nd year and we would like to thank Rob for all of his efforts this year but unfortunately he is stepping down. That being said, the PowerBI folks are looking for a new contributor, if you’re interested find out more here

One other big announcement for #WOW2023 is we have another stream joining us… CRM Analytics. Find out more here! Excited to see this grow this year, thanks to Alex, Preena, Jack & Lauren for taking on this challenge.

With all 3 streams of #WOW2023 we will be bringing you some crossover challenges to help you understand how to do the challenge across 3 different BI tools!

Finally, we also now have a Twitter account dedicated to WorkoutWednesday, give us a follow so you never miss a Workout!

Once again, we as the co leaders, would like to thank you for all your hard work this year and making our job easy. We hope you have a fantastic holiday period and a magical new year! We will see you all in 2023!


The Workout Wednesday Team x

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