Weekly Overview


Week 48 (Luke): Profitability Bridge

Week 47 (Curtis): Ready, Set: Let’s Drill Down on Sales

Week 46 (Andy): Unit Volume Comparison

 Week 45 (Rody): Cross-Highlight

Week 44 (Ann): Ready, Set: Let’s Drill Down on Sales

Week 43 (Luke + Ann): Where should we focus based on sales?

Week 42 (Rody): Radial Mapping

Week 41 (Ann): Top/Bottom Highlights

Week 40 (Luke): Where are sub-category sales down?

Week 39 (Rody): Vertical Label and 3 Marks

Week 38 (Ann): Discovery Dashboard

Week 37 (Luke): Recreating Paying the President (Solution)

Week 36 (Rody): Scatter Plot Reference Bands

Week 35 (Neil Richards): Superstore Small Multiples

Week 34 (ACLED, Ann): Building an Interactive Display to Visualize Violence in the DRC

Week 33 (Donna Coles): What customers make up XX% of sales?

Week 32 (Rosario Irasema Gauna González): Coloring Between the Lines

Week 31 (Sean Miller): Dynamic Color Legend

Week 30 (Ann): Statistical Signals in Superstore Sales

Week 29 (Rody): Connected Scatter Plot on Hover

Week 28 (Luke): Order Profit

Week 27 (Ann): How do current year sales compare to previous?

Week 26 (Rody): Single Sheet Drilldown

Week 25 (Luke): Segmentation Drift

Week 24 (Ann): Do customers spend more on their first or second purchase?

Week 23 (Rody): How do Sales compare in the Current Period to the Previous?

Week 22 (Andy): Which city contributes the most sales to each state?

Week 21 (Luke): Profit and Sales Cat Emoji Map

Week 20 (Ann): All About Distribution

Week 19 (Rody): Dashboard Presentation

Week 18 (Luke): Customer Retention By Cohort and Quarter

Week 17 (Ann): Step, Jump, or Linear?

Week 16 (Luke): Sales for the last N vs. same time previous year

Week 15 (Luke): Total Products by Sub-Category OR Top 5 Sub-Categories by Total Product

Week 14 (Ann): Frequency Matrix

Week 13 (Rody): Color and Ordering

Week 12 (Curtis): Sub-Category Sales Change in the Last Two Periods

Week 11 (Rody): Small Multiple Grids

Week 10 (Luke): Keep an Eye on Sales

Week 9 (Rody): Highlighting all points in the year

Week 8 (Luke): Is it a trending baby name?

Week 7 (Rody): Min and Max Sales by Month

Week 6 (Luke): Regional Sales across the Product Hierarchy

Week 5 (Andy): How Do Q1 and Q2 Compare to Other Months

Week 4 (Rody): These Customers Just Go Up and Up

Week 3 (Luke): Rolling 3 Month Sales: A retrospective

Week 2 (Rody): Year to Fiscal Week Running Totals

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